November 30: "SI VIS PACEM ... Reflections on the conflict in Ukraine"

(To CSE)

Is the new Parliament aware of a real emergency?

After the Round Table of 05 July, the Army Studies Center renews the alarm on November 30, 2022: in the presence of authorities from the political world (including the undersecretary of state for defence, sen. Isabella Rauti), military (including the Army Chief of Staff, gen. Peter Serino), industrial and national strategic, observations and considerations will be disclosed, the result of the work of a specialized study group of the Think Tank, on the theme "war in Ukraine".

The event, which will take place from 14.30 pm to 17.30 pm, in the Sala Zuccari of Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome, will try to stimulate the debate on the theme of the transformation of the national military instrument, with particular reference to the land forces sector.

The conference will be broadcast in live streaming, so that ato question - serious and urgent - of national interest be followed by all fellow citizens. We are waiting for you!