GSPD: participation in the Marine Corps Trials in America

(To Greater Defense)

The opening ceremony of the 13th edition of the Marine Corps Trials (MCT), housed in the base of the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, in California.

An Italian delegation was invited to the Paralympic-style sporting event, which will be attended by more than 200 US veterans, along with other international representatives from Colombia, Estonia, France, Georgia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 

Italy is present with col. ro Pasquale Barriera, head of delegation, and the athletes of the Paralympic Defense Sports Group: with the. ro Roberto Como, ten. with the. Giuseppe Erriquez, ass. adm. Antonio Auricchio, Ass. adm. Michele Ricciardi and 1st grader, on leave, Marco Pisani, standard-bearer of our representative.

The competitions, which will begin on March 4, will see the Italians engaged in Athletics, Swimming, Archery, Target Shooting, Rowing and Weightlifting.

The Marine Corps Trials are yet another opportunity for all Marines and Veterans, injured or ill, to rehabilitate their minds, bodies and spirits through competition and connecting with colleagues who, during their service, have sustained disabling and/or permanent injuries.

These days the results for the GSPD:

Gold medal for the ass. adm. Antonio Auricchio, in For Powerlifting, cat. 67.5kg. Nel Rowing: two gold medals for ten. with the. Giuseppe Erriquez and a silver and a gold for the 1 graduated, on leave, Marco Pisani respectively in the specialties 1 and 4 minutes.