The athletes of the Paralympic Defense Sports Group at the first Italian stage of the Para Nordic Ski World Cup

(To air Force)

From 24 to 28 January, at the Nordic Ski Arena of Dobbiaco, the Para Nordic Ski World Cup competitions were held. 20 nations and over 100 athletes took part in the stage, the first hosted in Italy.

The Italian delegation, made up of 7 athletes, of which 4 from Paralympic Defense Sports Group (GSPD), and by the technical staff, was hosted by the Dobbiaco airport detachment, of the command of the 1a air region of the Italian Air Force, at the Soggiorno Montano Villa Irma where the headquarters of the Italian team was established.

Athletes belonging to various sports clubs - including the Paralympic Defense Sports Group and Sports Group of the Blue Flames – achieved excellent results, among which the performance of Giuseppe Romele stands out who, in the men's sitting category, won the 10 kilometer inline, the 10 kilometer mass start and the 5 kilometer inline races and also obtained a second place in the sprint race thus placing itself at the top of the category World Cup rankings. Also noteworthy are the results of the athlete Michele Biglione, who obtained ninth place in the 5 kilometers in line in the same category. Also worth highlighting are the performances of all 4 GSPD athletes who, despite the short period of cross-country skiing, around 15 months, managed to drop below 200 points in the ranking, thus acquiring the requirements for a possible move from the team B to team A.

Present at the awards ceremony were the air team general Francesco Vestito, commander of the 1a air region of Milan, and the commander of the Dobbiaco airport detachment, lieutenant. with the. Nicola Bolzan.

“It was really exciting and an honor for me to watch the competitions, but personally it was above all a pleasure to reward our skiers who achieved excellent results”, said General Vestito. “The team spirit and competitive tenacity demonstrated by the athletes were an example for the staff of the detachment and for the guests of the Soggiorno Montano Villa Irma, which provided logistical support and hospitality to the sports group. Everyone won: athletes, companions and the public".

The head of the Italian delegation, Paolo Marchetti, thanked the Air Force for the support received and for the hospitality that allowed the athletes to best face their competitive commitment in a friendly and jovial atmosphere.

The Dobbiaco airport detachment has been operational since May 1966, its mission is to guarantee support to mountain survival courses (Flight Safety) and to the departments in training as well as to carry out the detection of meteorological parameters on the ground. An airport detachment aimed at increasing the capabilities connected to the concept of "Combat Service Support" and "Real Life Support", in support of the Air Force departments in training and capable of providing operational and logistical support, both in the Armed Forces and of “dual use” Civil Protection.