Italian sailing championship 2019 Olympic classes: three gold and four silver medals for the Navy

(To Marina Militare)

Last weekend the Italian Sailing Class 2019 Olympic Classes (CICO 2019) took place in Gargnano on Lake Garda. The annual appointment with the best national crews, also open to foreigners, assumes particular importance in the year preceding the 2020 Olympics.

The sailing team of the Navy Sports Group presented itself to the full, by the head of the sector, Lieutenant Paolo Fava, to the technicians, second head Gabrio Zandonà and sub-chief Andrea Trani, and his 8 athletes divided on 5 classes.

The final balance sheet sees the conquest of three gold and four silver medals, with the confirmation of the title in the men's 4.70 of the sub-heads Giacomo Ferrari and Giulio Calabrò (recent junior world champions last June) and the affirmation in the 4.70 female of the sub-director Bianca Caruso as a couple, with the first airman Elena Berta of the Italian Air Force, in front of her common colleague Benedetta Di Salle paired with the bows Alessandra Dubbini of the Yellow Flames. Silver for the under-heads Uberto Crivelli Visconti and Gianmarco Togni in the 49er, and the sub-chief Cecilia Zorzi paired with Lorenzo Bressani of the Circolo Canottieri Aniene in the NACRA 17, who saw the podium fade only at the last race.

"We are very satisfied with the results achieved by the team as a whole at this point in the season. In the current Olympic four-year period, after RIO 2016, we worked on a total renovation project, to bring the MM's sail back to high competitive levels and in a short time we are reaping fruits in some ways even above expectations " this is the comment of the president of the MM Sports Group, Captain Domenico La Faia.

Very welcome compliments to GSMM by the president of the Vela Federation Francesco Ettorre, who underlined the evident growth of the Marina's athletes in the last two years and the important support provided by the Armed Forces to the top sport of sailing.