CONI Meritorious Awards delivered in Bari

(To Army Majority State)

At the "Casa del Mutilato" in Bari, managed by the national association of the Mutilated and War Invalids (ANMIG), the award ceremony for the merits of the soldier took place. Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) Puglia, organized in synergy with the Army military command (CME) “Puglia".

During the event, 80 Stars, Palms and Medals for athletic valor were awarded to managers, technicians, clubs and athletes who stood out for their commitment and results achieved during 2021.
The president of CONI Puglia, Angelo Giliberto, after thanking Colonel Arcangelo Moro, commander of the CME "Puglia", for the active collaboration offered on the occasion of the organization of the event, recalled the common sharing of universal principles and values, such as respect for the rules, loyalty, determination to achieve a result and the spirit of sacrifice.

Also present were several paralympic defense athletes, demonstrating the common desire to transform sport into a tool for inclusion and social cohesion.

Today as yesterday, also in compliance with article 33 of the Constitution, which recognizes the right importance to sport as a tool for personal development, CONI and the Army facilitate and encourage access to sporting disciplines, to support psychophysical well-being and the educational value of sporting activity in all its forms.​