UNIFIL: donations to Caritas of Tire for the Italian contingent

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian-led Task Force (ITALBATT), which operates in the west sector of the UNIFIL mission in Lebanon, has recently delivered several items of clothing and childcare materials to CARITAS in Tyre.

The material, intended for the local population, was donated by the Livorno Red Cross and was collected and sent to the Lebanese Operative Theater thanks to the collaboration between the latter and the 187th parachute regiment thunderbolt.

Colonel Dario Paduano, commander of ITALBATT, after thanking the director of the association, Father Maroun Ghafari, underlined how much the stability and security of this land also depend on the synergy that the Italian military is continuing to increase with the municipalities and local associations, providing the population with access to a range of basic services which are not always easy to access in the area.

The donation made by the ITALBATT Task Force is to be seen in the context of the priorities assigned by Brigadier General Roberto Vergori, commander of the Italian contingent in Lebanon, aimed at supporting the local population in an area in which the presence of UNIFIL is still fundamental today and essential to ensure the stability of the country and to maintain the balance of an area that still presents considerable complexity.

The activities carried out in the operational theater are carried out under the coordination and according to the directives given by the operational command of the joint forces (COVI), which is the high command of the Defense responsible for planning, coordinating and directing military operations, national joint exercises and multinationals and related businesses.