Hungary: “Noble Imperat 24.1” exercise completed

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, a complex exercise was concluded in which the contingents of the nations deployed in Hungary as part of NATO's Forward Land Forces operation took part. The main objective of the exercise, called "Noble Imperat 24.1", was to enhance the joint response capability of the allied Armed Forces.

The Italian military, together with the Croatian, American and Hungarian ones, tested the system's capabilities command and control of the NATO battle group, strengthened cohesion between participating nations through the joint practice of the Alliance's standardized procedures (SOPs), in a highly realistic operational environment, made possible with the use of sophisticated simulation systems.

The commander of the Italian contingent, Lieutenant Colonel Renato Bonfiglio, highlighted the importance of the ability to interoperate between armies of different NATO countries, to contribute more effectively to strengthening the deterrence posture desired by the Atlantic Alliance along the eastern flank.

The Italian shunting company employed in Noble Imperat, made up of personnel from the 62nd infantry regiment of Catania, was tested in exercises with favorable results, together with its supports, including the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), a structure dedicated to the control of air support actions in favor of ground units.