Hungary: first training activities for the Julia

(To Greater Defense)

Assumed command of the eVA Battle Group, a few days after the completion of the deployment, the men and women of the Italian contingent based on the Julia Alpine Brigade, part of NATO battlegroups deployed on the southeastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance as part of the operation enhanced Vigilance Activity, concluded an intense week of exercises focused on shooting training.

The Italian contingent made up of units and assets of the Alpine Brigade Julia, in particular coming from the 8th alpine regiment, reinforced by members of the 2nd sapper engineer regiment, of the regiment Piedmont Cavalry (2nd), of the 3rd Mountain Land Artillery Regiment and of the 2nd Transmission Regiment, have begun operational familiarization activities in the Hungarian training area of ​​Veszprén-Várpalota, current headquarters of the national contingent.

As part of a training progression, the "Julia" staff will conduct a series of exercises of increasing intensity necessary to integrate the peculiarities of the individual specialties in a multinational and combined arms.

Supported by the personnel of the Hungarian Army, the Alpine troops of the Italian Army consolidated and perfected, during two consecutive days of fire activities, their shooting skills with individual weapons at the Hungarian range of Ujmajor, one of the numerous polygons available within the 140 square kilometers of the military area, operating in a multinational context with a high training return.

During the days on fire, there was no lack of support from the 8th Alpine snipers, highly qualified personnel in shooting, concealed movement, masking and target acquisition.