Hungary: handover for the Italian contingent

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The Italian contingent on an Alpine brigade basis Taurinense, framed for seven months in the battle group of NATO deployed on the south-eastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance for the Operation enhanced Vigilance Activity (eVA), was formally replaced by the incoming contingent, made up of about 260 soldiers of the Alpine Brigade Julia.

The so-called Transfer of Authority (ToA) ceremony it was presided over by the operational commander of the joint joint forces general of the army corps Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. Many civil and military authorities were present, including the Italian ambassador in Hungary Manuel Jacoangeli, the deputy commander of the Hungarian Armed Forces general Zsolt Sandor, the commander of the Taurinense Brigadier General Nicola Piasente and all the commanders of the contingents of the Allied countries that contribute to NATO eVA battlegroup.

"This Mission"said General Figliuolo, "it was launched seven months ago with the clear intention of giving an immediate and effective response to a threat which, since February 24 last year, has hung over those values ​​of freedom and democracy which today are questioned as never before done recently on our continent. When you return to Italy, to your loved ones, your families, your colleagues who are waiting for you in your homeland, be proud and aware that you have done your duty to the fullest".

The symbolic passage of the contingent's squad from lieutenant colonel Fortunato Sion to the peer Massimiliano Careddu effectively sanctioned the alternation between the two Alpine contingents.

Many operational results have been achieved by the staff of Taurinense during the seven months of operation. Since July 2022, 145 joint and multinational training activities have been conducted, side by side with Hungarian, US and Croatian allies present in the area of ​​operations.

The logistical effort sustained by the first Italian contingent in Hungary during the mandate was also important. The Alpines of Taurinense in just one week they built the field structures that housed the 260 men and women of the national contingent, making continuous improvements to the camp over the months. More than 700 corrective and maintenance interventions were carried out on the main weapon systems and radio equipment and on the over 100 combat vehicles supplied.

The staff of the Taurinenseespecially the 3rd Regiment alpini, of the 1th mountain artillery, the Nice Cavalry (1st) and 32nd sappers, will return to their respective permanent locations in the next few days.

To the units of the Julia, with men and women of the 8th regiment alpini, of the 3th mountain artillery, the Piedmont Cavalry (2st) and 2nd sapper geniusnow has the task of continuing with operational and training activities on the eastern flank of the Alliance.