The "ARGO 2023" exercise ended

(To Army Majority State)

It concluded yesterday, in the presence of the Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Pietro Serino, the commander of the Land Support Forces, Army Corps General Massimo Scala and various military, civil and religious authorities of Piacenza, the “ARGO 2023” exercise. The activity, in which all the departments of the Engineers brigade took part, with the assistance of some Army units, made it possible to test the level of interoperability for the various departments involved.

The first phase of the exercise, conducted by the engineers of Castel Maggiore, made it possible to verify the ability to implement all the different types of railway activities within the management of a railway station. In particular, for the first time, the strategic transport on a railway line of material from motorized floating bridges (PGM), loaded on railway platforms, was tested.

In the second phase, at the "Scalo Po" training area in Piacenza, the bridgemen and pioneers of the Army were called to restore ordinary traffic along the main communication lines by laying a "Janson Panel Bridge", of recent acquisition.

The main systems were also deployed Force Protection for the safety of command posts and some dog pairs to search for mines and explosives. Furthermore, testing was carried out on the use of remotely piloted assets in the clearance of improvised explosive devices.