Somalia: Carabinieri unit meets the director of the Mogadishu prison

(To Greater Defense)

Taking the opportunity of the meeting organized by the CIMIC cell of the Italian contingent, the nucleus of the carabinieri of the Military Police has been able to meet the director of the Central Prison of Mogadishu, gen. Dahair Abdulle Raage.

The presence of the two carabinieri at the prison has aroused strong appreciation of the same gen. Raage, visibly excited to be able to meet two representatives of the Carabinieri.

The same high official did not hide the fact that the emotion derives from the enormous admiration that the Somali people have for the figure of the Italian carabiniere, whom they have remembered with pleasure since the days of the protectorate of our country.

The gift given to gen. Raage from the carabinieri, or the 2022 calendar of the Arma, a simple symbol in form but of enormous significance in substance, or a relationship of closeness and esteem between the Arma and the Somali people that is being realized here in Mogadishu every day with the nucleus carabinieri engaged in the training of the Somali Security Forces, a hard commitment but which is giving great satisfaction, both in terms of human relationships and work to the carabinieri themselves who say they are happy and motivated in continuing this type of activity within the EUTM mission- S.

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