Prima Parthica: the Italian contingent takes part in the Mascal Olympics exercise

(To Greater Defense)

At the Erbil military airport, the Italian contingent deployed in Iraq, based on the "Julia" Alpine brigade, took part in the multinational exercise MASCAL OLYMPICS in order to test their operational and health capabilities on the ground to be implemented in the event of activation of the contingency plan "Mass Casualty" (MASCAL) and refine the communication procedures between the different ROLE 1 of the coalition and ROLE 2.

The focal point of the training activity is "Camp Singara", headquarters of the IT NCC-L where, as a premise of the exercise, preparatory, theoretical and practical lessons were held, in favor of all American, Italian, Hungarian participants , Dutch, Finnish, English and German, who operate under the "Inherent Resolve" operation.

The topics covered by the American and Italian instructors explored the entire doctrine contemplated by the most recent version of the rescue procedures for the wounded on the battlefield, according to the protocol of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

In particular, an indirect fire attack was simulated during the exercise which made ROLE2 unavailable by activating the "Purple rain" procedure, which provides for an initial treatment of the wounded and the transport of patients to the alternative ROLE 2 for primary stabilization (Damage Control Resuscitation) and initial surgical treatment (Damage Control Surgery).

The second phase of the exercise saw the teams take care of the safe transport of patients to the hospitalization of the Italian ROLE 1 awaiting the subsequent transfer, via rotary wing vector, to the higher level hospital.

In the full Olympic spirit of the exercise, the opening ceremony was held on 10 February 2023 at the headquarters of the Italian contingent, the host country of the competition.

​Colonel Pisani, commander of the ITNCC LAND, during the opening ceremony underlined the importance of these activities which represent an excellent opportunity to strengthen mutual knowledge between the personnel of the different contingents and allow to test the protocols and procedures to be implemented to minimize losses in emergencies and create the safety conditions necessary to safeguard the safety of personnel.

The activity, unique of its kind, saw for the first time the coalition's health and paramedical staff working in synergy. In fact, among the objectives of the exercise, the importance of involving and amalgamating members belonging to different nations emerges, creating the opportunity for cultural exchange and overcoming linguistic barriers.

All the activities carried out in the operational theater are conducted under the coordination and according to the directives given by the Interoperable Summit Operations Command (COVI).