Operation "Let's Help Tiro"

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An important humanitarian operation aimed at helping the many Lebanese who in recent months, following the clashes between Israel and the Hezbollah militias, have had to abandon the cities close to the demarcation line between the two countries, has concluded, the note " Blue Line", moving north and finding hospitality at the Tire refugee center, in the area of ​​responsibility of the Italian soldiers who operate within the command Sector West of the UNIFIL mission.

Last December, the solidarity machine started which led to the start of a civil-military cooperation activity (CIMIC) directed by the Joint Forces Operational Command (COVI), led by Army Corps General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, and by the non-profit organization “Vivere per Amare - Live to Love”, whose president is prof. Carlo Molino.

The project, called "Let's Help Tire", aimed to respond to the request for help that the emergency manager of the refugee center and the mayor of Tire addressed to the CIMIC cell of the Italian contingent in Lebanon.

Many actors and donors were invited by COVI to collaborate for the success of the operation. Starting precisely from "Vivere per Amare - Live to Love", a non-profit organization which took care of the procurement of two containers containing hospital medical supplies, two chemical toilets, a generator, blankets and clothes, flour, rice, sugar, legumes, tomatoes and chocolate, fruit juice and biscuits for children.

The containers, with the logistical support offered by military corps of the order of Malta (SMOM), were prepared and set up at the Truglio Srl warehouse in Naples and then loaded on board an MSC Cargo ship, which was responsible for their transport to the port of Beirut. The maritime agency "Le Navi" instead took on the burden of processing the customs procedures.

With carriers made available by the Italian military contingent of UNIFIL, the materials were transported to the Tire refugee center. At the small donation ceremony there was a representation of UNIFIL's ITALBATT, a maneuver unit led by Colonel Domenico Pisapia who operates under the joint Lebanon task force, since last February 2nd under command of the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade.

On this occasion, the mayor of Tire wanted to confer honorary citizenship to “Vivere per Amare - Live to Love”, represented by Dr. Mariano Barbi, vice-president of the ONLUS and officer of the military corps of the Order of Malta. The Dr. Barbi followed and planned the project together with the J9 division of COVI.

With “Let's Help Tiro” Italy reaffirms its commitment to providing concrete help and support to communities affected by wars and natural disasters, demonstrating the validity of a country system in which the military and civil components, with entrepreneurs and volunteers, work together unite to help those most in need, without any distinction of ethnicity, gender, origin or religious belief.