Operation eVA: the international exercise “Noble Hunter” concluded

(To Op. eVA-HUN)

The last major training effort for the "Folgore" paratroopers deployed in Hungary as part of the operation concluded in recent days. enhanced Vigilance Activity Hungary of NATO.

The maneuvering company under the battle group successfully participated in the international exercise "Noble Hunter", conducted at the Camp Thunder area, at a distance of approximately 50 km from Camp Croft, home of the Italian contingent.

The activity, carried out in collaboration with the Hungarian and Croatian Armed Forces, represented a significant chapter in the training of the national operational component, mainly made up of personnel from the 183rd "Nembo" parachute regiment of Pistoia, of the 8th sapper engineering regiment paratroopers "Folgore" of Legnago, of the Savoia cavalry (3rd) of Grosseto and of the 185th parachute artillery regiment "Folgore" of Bracciano, effectively concluding the training of the 3rd rotation.

The “Noble Hunter”, focused on fighting methodologies in inhabited centers (CQB – Close Quarters Battle) as opposed to the Hungarian infantry units, saw the Italian paratroopers supporting, for the first time on the ground, the Croatian special forces (SOTU – Special Operations Task Units) by conducting a "belt" of the area of ​​interest, guaranteeing the safety necessary to conduct a very delicate hostage extraction operation in a hostile environment.

For this training activity MILES were used (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System), systems designed to simulate real combat conditions in total safety.

For several years now, the Italian Army has been promoting and encouraging the use of simulation systems for training and maintaining operational capabilities, improving a soldier's preparation even in conditions of physical and mental stress.

Lieutenant Colonel Salvatore Sotgiu, commander of the contingent, commented on the importance of this activity, which, in addition to marking the last training commitment in view of the imminent rotation with the personnel of the "Aosta" brigade, represented a testing ground crucial for the maneuver company, to improve close combat capabilities and in an extremely complex scenario.

The relationship of collaboration and cooperation with the special forces of the allied nations began in October last year during the conduct of a joint airdrop as a prelude to the "Adaptive Hussars" exercise.