Niger: concluded two days of study in favor of the horse department of the National Gendarmerie

(To Army Majority State)

Two days of study, conducted by a veterinary officer of the School of Health and Military Veterinary of Rome of the Italian Army, where they were illustrated to the staff of the Department, ended in recent days in Niamey, as part of the mission in Niger MISIN on horseback of the National Gendarmerie of the Republic of Niger, the main diseases afflicting horses used for operational purposes.

The horse department of the Gendarmerie performs institutional patrolling and public order support duties, as well as representation. The activity of the stable, aimed at maintaining the horses, also aims to address all health problems that can affect the typical diseases of the equine breed.

At the end of the veterinary workshop, the closing ceremony was held in the presence of the commander of the Bilateral Support Mission in Niger (MISIN), Brigadier General Claudio Dei, occasion on which the certificates of participation were delivered to the gendarmes who followed the two days of study.

Particular attention was given to the therapeutic treatments to be practiced for the quadrupeds in case of urgency, with insights on the active ingredients to be used and on the behavior to be followed and the maneuvers to be carried out, pending the arrival of the veterinarian for more clinical interventions and treatments. appropriate.

The activity continued with theoretical and practical insights on the anatomy of the horse's foot, on the most important joints, tendons and ligament structures, continuing with the treatment of pathologies such as laminitis and naviculitis.

The training workshop, with a distinctly practical connotation, allowed to verify in the field, in a synergistic way, the theoretical knowledge and technical skills of the actual gendarmes in the military department.