Revel's Thaon ship on its first operational mission

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Thaon of Revel, the last ship delivered to the Navy, left on 12 August from the port of La Spezia for the Suez Canal. The unit, under the command of frigate captain Emanuele Morea, has recently reached operational readiness at the end of an intense training cycle carried out at the Navy's air-naval training center (MARICENTADD), and will participate for the first time, in the coming months , the European-led mission "EUNAVFOR Somalia - Operation Atalanta" (waters of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean) and the international mission "EMASOH - European Maritime Awareness in the Strait of Hormuz" (waters of the Indian and Strait of Hormuz) currently under Italian command.

After crossing the Suez Canal, during the navigation in the Red Sea, the ship will also be able to provide support to the international mission "Combined Maritime Force" (CMF), with reference to cooperation for regional maritime security. part of the year, the unit will be an integral part of the protective device that will be activated at the World Cup in Qatar.

Ship Thaon of Revel belonging to the PPA class (Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Boats) and launched on June 15, 2019, as the first of 7 units in the class, it represents the state of the art of technological evolution expressed in the military field by national shipbuilding and by leading companies in the sector. It is able to carry out a wide range of missions from strictly military to others of a more inter-agency and inter-ministerial nature, thanks to the approach multipurpose by design adopted since the design phase, which makes them particularly suitable for use in scenarios of humanitarian assistance and relief operations for the civilian population in the event of a disaster (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief).

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