Nave Termoli ends the ARIADNE 2021 exercise

(To Greater Defense)

ship Termoli, minesweeper of the Italian Navy attached to the Standing NATO Mine CounterMeasure Group 2 (SNMCMG2), completed the ARIADNE 2021 exercise, held in the waters off the port of Patras (Greece), with the aim of training and evaluating interoperability between Allied forces in a multi-threat environment, with particular attention to mine countermeasures sector.

During the ship operations Termoli has located, through its sonar, a suspicious object on the bottom.

The unit, through the use of sophisticated wire-guided vehicles on board, therefore identified it as a probable remnant of the Second World War.

Subsequently, with the help of the diving team on board, consisting of 4 operators of the Diving Operations Group (GOS) and 4 divers of Croatian nationality, dives were carried out, which led to the identification of the device as a bottom mine mod. MK25.

During the dive the diving staff, among which there were also experts in Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), found that it was possible to recover the object safely.

The Greek authorities therefore requested the transfer of the bomb to less busy waters, in order to carry out the definitive neutralization of the mine, an activity successfully carried out by a Greek MHC unit.

The minesweepers of the Italian Navy every year carry out the control of various access routes to national ports, providing a valuable contribution to the safety of navigation and the freedom of trade routes (SLOCs).

Ship Termoli it will continue its activity within NATO until May 2021.

Currently the Naval Group is sailing towards the port of La Spezia, where it will take part in the ITALIAN MINEX 21 exercise.