Ship Rizzo engaged in the Emasoh - Agenor operation returns to La Spezia

(To Marina Militare)

On 5 September the frigate returned to La Spezia Luigi Rizzo after 139 days assigned to Operation AGENOR in Arabian Gulf waters.

The European Multi-Mission Frigate, the sixth Unit of the FREMM project, has long been integrated into Operation AGENOR, an international activity that is part of the perimeter of the European initiative EMASoH (European-led Maritime Situational Awareness in the Straight of Hormuz ), which has the objective of safeguarding the freedom of navigation and the safety of ships in transit, detecting any illegalities and guaranteeing the compilation of the maritime traffic situation in the area.

Under the operational and tactical command of the aforementioned mission, respectively of Admiral (FR) Emmanuel SLAARS and Admiral Mauro Panebianco, Nave Rizzo has provided its constant commitment without interruption, carrying out one hundred and fifteen activities of accompanying merchant ships in the Strait of Hormouz, guaranteeing their safety. At the same time, an important naval diplomacy activity was carried out in many coastal cities of the countries bordering the Arabian Sea, including: Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Manama and Muscat, also receiving numerous local authorities on board.

After 20265 miles traveled and 2169 engine hours, with mooring at the naval base of La Spezia, the ship's mission officially ended Luigi Rizzo. Numerous family members present on the quay who, proudly proud and visibly excited, were able to embrace their loved ones again.