Kosovo mission: Telethon relay at Camp Villaggio Italia

(To Greater Defense)

​Yesterday, at Camp Villaggio Italia, the men and women of the Western regional command of KFOR, led by the 11th Bersaglieri Regiment of the Army, took part in the Telethon relay, organizing a charity run inside the base and donating the proceeds go to research into rare diseases. 

The event, organized in collaboration with Telethon Udine, lasted a total of six hours and saw the participation of around 250 members of over 10 different nationalities, who raced to challenge each other, embracing the charitable cause with strong esprit de corps.

At the end of the relay, the first three classified teams were awarded and, immediately afterwards, the commander of RC-W, Colonel Gabriele Vacca and the commander of the 186th "Folgore" parachute regiment, Colonel Giovanni Corrado, handed over the check to the Udine Telethon Association.

“We cannot change the present of those affected by rare diseases, but with a small common gesture we can try to change their future by contributing to the cause”, said Colonel Vacca.

The Italian Contingent of the Kosovo Force (KFOR), in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999, contributes to maintaining a safe and secure environment, as well as freedom of movement for all communities living in Kosovo.