MIBIL: Sharpshooter Basic and Advanced - Train The Trainer course completed

(To Greater Defense)

At the base of the8th infantry brigade of Beirut, in the presence of the commander of the Italian Bilateral Military Mission in Lebanon, Colonel Sandro Iervolino and Brigadier General Samer Abdel Ghani, commander of the Lebanese unit, the closing ceremony of the "Sharpshooter Basic and Advanced/Train The course" took place Trainers”.

The training activity, which lasted ten weeks and was conducted by a Mobile Training Team composed of six instructors from the Italian Army Infantry School, allowed five junior trainers to be qualified and thirty-one soldiers from the Lebanese brigade to be trained.

The courses allowed participants to learn the technical-tactical procedures to successfully engage targets positioned up to 700 meters, with the use of the assault rifle and, for the Advanced, with precision weapons.

The very selective activity, with thirty-one participants, allowed only five participants to obtain the title of junior trainers, while the rest of the staff nevertheless completed a training course that allowed them to acquire the fundamental notions for precision shooting.

The excellent results achieved by the staff of8th infantry brigade with the contribution of the training mission personnel, they further consolidate the bond between the Italian and Lebanese Armed Forces.

All activities carried out in the operational theater are conducted under the coordination and according to the directives given by the Joint Forces Top Operational Command (COVI).