MIBIL: Crowd & Riot Control Basic courses completed

(To Greater Defense)

It took place in Beirut, at the base of the 3rd Intervention Regiment, in the presence of the commander of the Italian Bilateral Military Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL) Colonel Sandro Iervolino and General Ghanem Hani commander of the Lebanese unit, the closing ceremony of the "Crowd&Riot Control" courses.

The training activity, lasting 6 weeks, was conducted by a Mobile Training Team composed of 6 instructors working at the Infantry School and made it possible to train 2 organic platoons belonging to the 3rd intervention regiment.

The training included theoretical and practical lessons on the use and handling of equipment (shield, truncheon, gas mask) for crowd management and on all the technical-tactical procedures aimed at ensuring that attendees acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to conduct specific activities, such as the prevention, dissuasion and repression of demonstrations that could lead to violent acts and the safeguarding of the integrity of structures and people not directly involved (civilian staff, embassies, institutional figures).

The courses were developed and conducted in accordance with the needs represented by the 3rd Intervention Regiment, with the aim of preparing the unit's security teams who may be required to operate in crisis situations.

With this in mind, training in the "military combat method" was also introduced, in particular the correct use of techniques for lightening, blocking and transporting the crowd, through the use of the truncheon supplied.

The results achieved by the personnel of the 3rd intervention regiment, with the contribution of the personnel of the training mission, consolidate the bond between the Italian and Lebanese Armed Forces.