Miadit Somalia 16: Gign course concluded

(To Greater Defense)

The course, structured over 4 weeks, gave the operators attending the course a basic training in the techniques in the field of protection and protection services, implementing and realizing the advanced shooting techniques adapted to the needs of the special department of the Gibutian Gendarmerie, transmitting specific knowledge relating to the operational methods of protection and escort of a personality.

The training activity had an essentially practical cut and was centered on footed and self-assembled movements in different environments / structures in order to physically and mentally train the operators to adapt to the various scenarios that they will actually face during the performance of these services.

Theoretical notions of a general nature were imparted, highlighting the fundamental principles of the protection services, the analysis of the protected person, the classification of the types of threats as well as the behaviors and conduct that operators must follow during the performance of these services.

At the end of the training cycle, a practical demonstration was held at the amphitheater of the Academy of the Gibutian Gendarmerie and consequent delivery of the certificates of participation.

The ceremony was attended by col. Hassan Aden Zakaria, chief of staff of the Gibutian National Gendarmerie, who expressed great satisfaction for the excellent training results and reiterated the importance of training collaboration and their wish to continue activities with the Carabinieri.

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