MIADIT Somalia 14 drops the Italian flag

(To Greater Defense)

At the end of three intense training months, the closing ceremony of the 14th edition of the Italian Training Mission in favor of the Somali and Djiboutian Security Forces.

At the solemn ceremony of the lowering of the flag, which took place in the evocative setting of the African sunset, the Somali flag raised at the beginning of the course was lowered Darawish and the Italian Tricolor.

During the interventions, the Gibutian authorities highlighted the very high professional value represented by the Carabinieri and the quality of the courses carried out to train and consolidate the technical and operational skills of the security forces. Darawish and Somali officers.

Similarly, Colonel Giuseppe Corso, commander of MIADIT 14, highlighted the solidity of the cooperation between the Italian and Djiboutian institutions which has now lasted for 6 years.

During the ceremony, the attendees who ranked first in their respective courses were awarded. Among these will be chosen those who, in the course of the future edition will be able to return to the theater to perform the functions of assistant instructor and initiated to attend a training course for trainers and acquire the qualifications that will allow them to become instructors themselves in the courses for the Somali security forces.

For twelve weeks the forty qualified instructors of the Carabinieri, directed by Major Marco Crescenzi, commander of the Training Unit, have trained and specialized 79 members of the Somali Police Force (SPF) and 176 units of the Police and National Gendarmerie of Djibouti, developing training packages ranging from territorial control activities to public order management, from notions of topography and reconnaissance in hostile territory to advanced techniques of operational interventions in non-public environments. permissives, up to the development of exercises on operational first aid and on the recognition and intervention in the event of an explosion of an Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) ​​and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

From its opening in 2014 until MIADIT SOMALIA 14, over 2500 Somali policemen and 3000 belonging to the Gibutian security forces have been trained by the MIADIT carabinieri, numbers that have no meaning in absolute value, but express the strong commitment of the Carabinieri. in contributing to the growth of the conditions for the stabilization of Somalia by increasing the operational capabilities of the local Police Forces and improving the efficiency of the Police and the National Gibutian Gendarmerie.

The commander of MIADIT 14 Colonel Giuseppe Corso highlighted how the current edition, burdened by the management of the SARS-CoV-2 emergency, is the only training mission of the Carabinieri currently in regular progress. He also highlighted how the entire training activity was carried out successfully thanks to full compliance with current legislation on pandemic prevention measures and through the constant use of suitable PPE and in compliance with social distancing. 

The courses will resume next September with the launch of MIADIT Somalia 15 which, in the wake of the activities outlined by the previous missions, will continue the course Darawish and the SPF officer course. In addition, new specialty courses requested by the Gibutian Police Forces will be created to improve and raise the quality of their work.