MIADIT Palestine: resumes training activity

(To Greater Defense)

Yesterday with the launch of the 11 ^ edition of the Italian Training Mission - MIADIT Palestine, the training activity of the carabinieri resumes for the benefit of the local Palestinian security forces.

The initiative develops, starting from the 2012, in the context of bilateral relations between our country and the Palestinian National Authority.

For twelve weeks, about thirty qualified instructors from the Carabinieri Corps, led by Colonel Filippo Calisti, will take care of the training of the various Palestinian military and police units.

Also in this session, the soldiers of the Arma will develop training packages ranging from Special Police Operations to Safety driving, from the notions of topography to the procedures to be applied in anti-drug services.

In addition, two female instructors from the Territorial Weapon will train about thirty students of the Presidential Guard. This initiative is fully part of the capacity building operations carried out by the police in various missions outside the area, in order to support the development of local police forces.

During the 12 training weeks, some "Contact Teams" will also be sent to Jericho in order to provide highly specialized training in the field of logistics, environmental protection and traffic police functions.