Navy: the Alpino frigate joins NATO SNMG2

(To Greater Defense)

From 1 September 2022 and for a period of approximately three months, the frigate Alpine of the Navy joined the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2), alternating the frigate Bergamini which ends the displacement inside the device commanded by rear admiral Michael Scott Sciretta (US Navy), embarked on the destroyer USS Forrest Sherman.

SNMG2 is composed of air-naval assets belonging to the member countries of the Alliance that work to counter the threat of terrorism, contribute to maritime surveillance and the collection of information relating to activities that may constitute a potential danger to national and allied security.

The frigate Bergamini and the other international units of the SNMG2 device operated divided into two Task Units: the first engaged in operational activities in the Aegean Sea, while the other deployed in the entire Mediterranean basin.

Ship Bergamini has provided constant support and protection to Carrier Strike Group 8 (CSG8), in which the aircraft carrier USS operates Harry S Truman, highlighting the versatility and interoperability of the Navy.

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