Navy: the command of SNMG2 transits from Italy to the USA

(To Marina Militare)

Friday 01 July, at 09.30, aboard the frigate Carlo Margottini, moored inside the naval base of Taranto, the ceremony for the rotation of the command of the device will take place Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2), one of NATO's two permanent naval groups incorporated within the Standing Naval Forces (SNF).

In the presence of the chief of staff of the NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM), Division Admiral Francesco Milazzo, Rear Admiral Mauro Panebianco will hand over the post to the US Rear Admiral Micheal Sciretta after almost 7 months of mission as tactical commander of the NATO group.

Rear Admiral Mauro Panebianco assumed command of the naval group on 17 December 2021 and in almost 7 months of activity the device has integrated units from various Allied countries including Spain, Turkey, Canada, Greece, United Kingdom, France and the United States , ensuring a continuous presence and a high level of readiness within the Mediterranean waters and participating in various exercises including the recent Open Sea 22-1.