Lebanon, the Latvian contingent takes part in the UNIFIL mission

(To Greater Defense)

The solemn flag-raising ceremony took place in recent days at the Shama base, in which the Latvian flag was hoisted.

The Latvian contingent, the 49th contributing nation of the UNIFIL mission and the 17th of the west sector, joins the peacekeepers operating in southern Lebanon.

Previously Latvia had already taken part in UN-led operations, in the MINUSMA operation and in the UNTSO operation.

The Italian mission in Lebanon led by the brigade Granaders of Sardinia, in his fourth term in the Land of the Cedars under the colors of the United Nations, is responsible for the west sector of UNIFIL​ in which around 3.800 blue helmets from 17 of the 49 countries contributing to the UN mission operate and which includes over 1.000 Italians.