Lebanon: Colonel Angelo Sacco hands over the leadership of MIBIL to his peer Sandro Iervolino

(To Greater Defense)

In the presence of the Italian ambassador to Lebanon Nicoletta Bombardiere, the chief of staff of the Joint Forces Operational Command, Division Admiral Valter Zappellini and the commander of UNIFIL-Sector West, Brigadier General Giovanni Brafa Musicoro, the ceremony was held. change in command of Bilateral Italian Military Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL) between Colonel Angelo Sacco and peer Sandro Iervolino.

The event took place at the Italian embassy in Beirut.

Also present were Colonel Marco Zona, Defense Attaché in Lebanon and numerous generals commanding units of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), military attachés from allied countries and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Colonel Sacco, during his farewell speech, underlined how much MIBIL has changed in the last year under his command, combining traditional training tasks with more complex functions such as civil-military cooperation. The outgoing commander highlighted how support for the population was added to the training component of support for the Security Forces, in one of the most difficult moments in the country's history.

MIBIL has conducted its activities with enthusiasm, concreteness and professionalism, combined with a profound respect for the rules and traditions of the country that hosts it.

The interventions of the ambassador and Admiral Zappellini underlined the closeness of the institutions and the leaders of the Armed Forces to the Italian contingent.

Both authorities underlined the strategic importance of the Italian mission and its contribution to the stability of the country. 

The results obtained by MIBIL in the last twelve months in the three key sectors were also highlighted: training, health support and civil-military cooperation.

Both authorities wished Colonel Iervolino to replicate the same successes.

The large participation in the ceremony confirms the excellent relationships established by the mission staff with the main actors present on the Lebanese scene.