Lebanon: change at the command of the ITALBATT Task Force

(To Greater Defense)

In the presence of the commander of the Joint Task Force - Lebanon Sector West (JTF-L SW), Brigadier General Roberto Vergori and local civil, military and religious authorities, the ceremony for the change in command of the ITALBATT Task Force, the Italian operative pawn of the mission in Lebanon, among the 187th parachute regiment thunderbolt and the 5th “Aosta” Infantry Regiment.​

In greeting the ITALBATT Task Force outgoing, under the command of Colonel Antonio Laudando, the commander of the JTF-L SW underlined the professionalism, commitment and devotion with which the Italian peacekeepers have contributed to the security of Lebanon and the stability of the region by keeping high the name of Italy as part of the peacekeeping mission.

The Italian mission in Lebanon, led by the parachute brigade thunderbolt since 2 February 2023, he has been responsible for the Western Sector of UNIFIL (United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon) which extends from the peripheral areas of the city of Tire to the extreme south of the Lebanese territory close to the border area with Israel and operates , under the aegis of the United Nations, with the main tasks of monitoring and preventing the cessation of hostilities, of supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces in the conduct of control activities in the South of the country, as well as assisting the local population with civilian cooperation projects and military.

From today the ITALBATT task force, under the command of Colonel Dario Paduano, based on the 187th parachute regiment thunderbolt, integrates assets of the regiment Savoy Cavalry (3rd) paratroopers, of the parachute logistics regiment thunderbolt, of the 8th Parachute Sappers Regiment thunderbolt and of the 7th transmission regiment of Sacile.