Lebanon: 13.000 flight hours for the AB212s of the ITALAIR Task Force

(To Greater Defense)

The AB212 twin-engine helicopters of the "ITALAIR" Task Force, commanded by Colonel Giuliano Innecco, recently passed the milestone of 13000 flight hours in operation.

Redeployed in 2008 at the Naqoura base following the changeover with the AB205 line, they have played a fundamental role for the full implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 1701, providing continuous air support to the UNIFIL mission, even beyond outside the area of ​​responsibility.

The fleet of 6 AB212s of "ITALAIR", in fact, carries out a wide range of flight missions, mainly conducting patrol tasks of the Blue Line, research, aerial reconnaissance, medical transport (CASEVAC and MEDEVAC), personnel and material transport.

In particular, it guarantees every day of the year, 24 hours a day, a CASEVAC asset ready to take off within 24 minutes of the alert, to ensure the safety of human life for civilian and military personnel in the area of ​​operation in southern Lebanon.

The activities carried out in the Operational Theater are conducted under the coordination and according to the directives given by the Joint Operational Command (COVI), which is the Defense High Command responsible for planning, coordinating and directing military operations, national joint exercises and multinational corporations and related businesses.