Latvia: training to overcome natural obstacles

(To Greater Defense)

After seven days the Complex Terrain Academy (CTA), organized and conducted by the Task Group Baltic in favor of the multinational battle group and external assets belonging to the land forces mechanized infantry brigade Latvian (MI BDE) and the United States Army (US ARMY).

The 44 attendees of the training, divided into four heterogeneous groups, received, from qualified personnel of the Alpine troops of the Italian Army, in possession of specific mountaineering skills and smilitary alpine occurrence, of mountain warfare and daring, the notions to acquire the basic skills necessary to overcome natural obstacles in tactical contexts.

After a phase dedicated to ascertaining the minimum physical requirements, the training course has developed into a theoretical part, aimed at illustrating the equipment and safety procedures to be observed in carrying out the exercises and in another practice, during the which techniques for approaching the overcoming of the obstacle have been put in place. In this context, training activities for the rappelling / fast rope from artificial tower, to acesa and river crossing techniques with pulley system, support also used for the simulation of the transport of the injured person with a stretcher.

The initiative in addition to favoring the interoperability of the components of the battle group ofenhanced Forward Presence (eFP Latvia) and the synergies with the enablers of the NATO forces, has allowed to highlight the flexibility of use of the Alpine troops of the Italian Army, according to how techniques and skills peculiar to the specialty can be used in tactical contexts other than those mountain.

The instructor team employed was largely drawn from units of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense with the help of elements of the 17th "Sforzesca" anti-aircraft artillery regiment.