The Italian Amphibious Task Group at exercise Phibex 23-1

(To Greater Defense)

THEAmphibious Task Group (ATG) Italian, composed of the amphibious assault ship Saint Mark, by the destroyer Andrea Doriafrom the Marine Brigade Saint Mark and by naval aviation MH90 helicopters, took part in the exercise Phibex 23-1.

La Phibex 23-1, conducted from 11 to 14 March, is a complex amphibious exercise that took place in the framework Spanish Italian Amphibious Force - Spanish Italian Landing Force (SIAF-SILF) with the group Expeditionary Carrier Srike Group Spanish.

The exercise, which took place in the Adriatic Sea, in the waters in front of the port of Brindisi, provided for joint day and night activities, amphibious raids with the support of aircraft, helicopters, surface vehicles and amphibious assault vehicles of the Italian and Spanish Navies for the projection from the sea of Landing Force (LF) joint.

La Phibex 23-1 testifies to the concordance of intentions of Italy and Spain in matters of collective security and stability.

During the exercise, the commander of the Amphibious Task Force rear admiral Stefano Costantino met the commander of the amphibious projection group Spanish counterpart Gonzalo Villar Rodriguez, in his capacity as commander of the SIAF, to discuss a roadmap of common that consolidates the integration of the Amphibious Forces that are part of this cooperation.