Kosovo: visit of the head of SMD to the Italian contingent


The Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli, visited the Italian contingent deployed in Kosovo at the "Villaggio Italia" base this morning, where he was welcomed by the commander of the multinational force KFOR, general of Francesco Paolo Figliuolo division and the commander of the Multinational Battle Group West, Colonel Carlo Cavalli.

During the visit the head of SMD was updated on the current socio-political situation and the state of security in Kosovo and on the fundamental role played by the NATO mission as a crucial partner in the process of stabilization of the delicate Balkan area.

The admiral then met and thanked the soldiers of all the Italian Armed Forces present in the Kosovar theater who daily contribute to the maintenance of the peace and stability of the area, expressing words of appreciation for the level of professionalism, dedication and results. of absolute importance obtained.

In particular, the head of the SMD examined the situation of the area underlining that “although this area seems so apparently quiet, it is increasingly the crossroads of the numerous problems affecting both Eastern Europe and the Middle East and it is therefore important that everyone you continue to be vigilant and to guarantee the necessary conditions of stability. Thank you for what you do and how you do it. "

The Multinational Battle Group West, an Italian-led multinational unit that includes the contingents of Austria, Italy, Moldova and Slovenia among its ranks, ensures the necessary safety conditions in its area of ​​responsibility, guaranteeing, among other things, the safety of the Decane monastery, a UNESCO heritage site due to its high cultural, historical and religious value.

Source: SMD