Kosovo: Military Civil Cooperation Project (CIMIC)

(To Greater Defense)

The Regional Command West (RC-W), based on the 1st land (mountain) artillery regiment of the Alpine brigade Taurinense, made a donation of 22 personal computers to the "Musnikova" Comprehensive Institute in the village of Musnikovo / Musnikove (Prizren). The Military Civil Cooperation (CIMIC) project will allow students to use state-of-the-art equipment for a more efficient and interactive teaching in the field of computer science and foreign language learning.

Access to education without ethnic distinction is one of the priority areas of intervention for the KFOR mission, in a region where boys and girls under the age of 25 make up about 53% of the population and the youth unemployment rate is by more than 50%.

The support to the population, achieved thanks to the funds of the Italian Defense assigned to the projects of the Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC), is one of the activities that goes together with the maintenance of freedom of movement, the protection of the Monastery of Decane, as well as the conduct of patrols joint with the Kosovar security forces (joint patrol), synchronized with the Serbian Armed Forces (synchronized patrol), respectively in the vicinity and along the administrative demarcation line between Kosovo and Serbia.

“The Military Civil Cooperation (CIMIC), through these projects, facilitates collaboration with local institutions, contributing to the cultural, social and economic development of the region. In particular, thanks to this project, funded by the Italian Defense, teachers will have a technological tool useful for recording video lessons and teaching in streaming, which reduces the possibility of contagion from COVID 19 ", claimed the commander of RC-W, who then received thanks from the manager of the Comprehensive Institute Mr. Sedat Bajrami, on behalf of all Kosovar students for the support received.