Kosovo: RC-W's multinational contingent in mountain training

(To Greater Defense)

Il regional command - Westt, based on the 9th Alpine regiment of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense carried out a training activity in the territory of Boge, Rugova Valley, in the immediate vicinity of the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) in the North West end of Kosovo.

The activity saw the Alpini of Colonel Mario Bozzi, commander of the regional command – West, train themselves to move in the mountains on snow-covered terrain in complete logistical autonomy, together with Croatian, North Macedonian and Albanian personnel. The ascent took place on a completely snow-covered itinerary, starting from an altitude of 1300 meters up to an altitude of 1650 meters.

The activity was planned with the aim of training in movement in a non-permissive mountain environment, to increase synergy and increase the spirit of amalgam between the contingents of different nations. These latter aspects are essential for effective international cooperation in KFOR.​