Kosovo: donation of the CiMiC of the MSU regiment

(To Greater Defense)

The activity of the CiMiC team (Civil Military Cooperation) of the MSU Carabinieri Regiment in Pristina is a significant and concrete reality which, thanks also to funds and projects supported by the COVI (Comando Operativo di Vertice Interforze) provides relief and help to the Kosovar population regardless of the religious belief, political ideology or ethnicity.

On a daily basis, the MSU regiment makes donations to families and communities in need of special attention.

In almost two months, from January 2023, the aid and closeness activities by the CiMiC of the Carabinieri have supported 26 families and various local associations. 

In this context, on the morning of February 16, 2023, an important donation was made in Vushtrri in a village in the locality of Balinc in favor of a Kosovar family with 6 small children.

At the moment the family is in a serious situation of financial hardship as none of the parents has a stable job and, for these reasons, the regiment's CiMiC personnel, after having identified and investigated the situation of objective difficulty, donated to the parents and to the children of Balinc with food, clothing, toys and personal hygiene materials, successfully managing to receive an affectionate hug from the boys.