Kosovo: Change at the head of the Combat Service Support Battalion

(To Greater Defense)

Al regional command West (RC-W) of KFOR, the "Taurinense" logistic regiment of the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade, took over the leadership of the combat service support battalion, to the "Julia" logistic regiment of the "Julia" Alpine Brigade, both departments belong to the Alpine troops of the Italian Army.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the commander of the regional command - West, colonel Mario Bozzi, and saw the yielding commander, lieutenant colonel Rosario Russotto, greet the Kosovar theater of operations after 6 months of demanding service in KFOR.

During his mandate, the combat service support battalion, has been the protagonist of multiple activities: from the deployment of the FOM-D (Freedom of movement detachment) asset in countless joint exercises with the Allied armies, to the transport and material supply activities of the various NATO classes throughout the Area of ​​Operations , passing through the sanitization activities at the Italian military bases located in the Kosovar territory, all carried out with a view to constantly guaranteeing the carrying out of operational activities.

Lieutenant Colonel Domenico Pirozzi has the task of guiding the Alpine troops of Rivoli along the mission Joint Enterprise in Kosovo.

The combat service support battalion it is a unit framework highly specialized which incorporates specialized structures such as the health sector, the NBC team, the C4 component, the joint multimodal operational unit and camp site management. This Unit guarantees logistical support to all Italian personnel deployed in Kosovo, helps to provide its assistance to all Allied Task Forces that request it and, together with the Kinetic Battalion, collaborates in creating a stable and safe environment as well as guaranteeing freedom of movement throughout the territory, within the operational framework of UN Resolution 1244.

With the entrance to Camp "Villaggio Italia" of the "Taurinense" logistic regiment, the fundamental contribution of the Alpine troops of the Army to the Italian contingent is completed, deployed under the command of the 9th Alpine regiment of the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade.