Kosovo: the Soldier of the month is Italian

(To Greater Defense)

At the Headquarters of the Kosovo Force (KFOR) in Pristina, the ceremony for the awarding of the “Soldier of the month” (January 2021) was held.

Il command sargent major (CSM) of the mission, First Marshal Andrea Torre of the Italian Army, chairman of the commission for the evaluation of the required requirements, composed of other CSMs (Austria, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Hungary and USA) awarded the prize of " Soldier of the Month ”to the chosen corporal Luca Aceti, of the Italian Army.

The motivation states that the graduate, framed in the battalion Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, multinational unit where he carries out the role of logistic specialist, directly reporting to the commander of KFOR, has shown during the numerous training and operational activities conducted by his battalion, a high sense of duty, high professionalism and an innate spirit of sacrifice.

The commander of the KFOR, general of division Franco Federici, said he was particularly satisfied with the result obtained and gave Aceti the commemorative plaque and the certificate showing the motivation for the recognition to the chosen chief corporal Aceti.

Il Soldier of the Month it is a recognition that KFOR attributes monthly to a military member of the mission who has particularly distinguished himself for his exemplary conduct and for his unconditional commitment.