Italy - Lebanon: cooperation for training and training


The Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli, received General Jean Kahwagi, Lebanese Defense Chief of Staff, this morning at "Palazzo Caprara".

During the talks, the Lebanese Defense Chief of Staff thanked for the action carried out by the Italian contingent in UNIFIL whose leadership has been entrusted since January 2012 to the general of Division Paolo Serra.

The Italian Armed Forces consider the Lebanese Armed Forces to be a key partner for guaranteeing stability and security in the Middle Eastern chessboard and it is precisely in this context that the two Defense Chiefs of Staff spoke about topics related above all to the UNIFIL mission. United Nations International Support Group and bilateral cooperation.

As a central argument, the will to contribute to strengthening the capacity of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) was reaffirmed, in terms of means, materials and above all with involvement in a more intensive training that will make them more and more able to guarantee security in Lebanon. .

In particular, Italy's role in the International Support Group has made it possible to identify a wide range of training-training offers: operational and combat training courses in the town center, helicopter pilots, training courses for the Military Police, basic life saver, up to the establishment of a Hydrographic Office, which will contribute to strengthening the capacity of the units of the Lebanese armed forces. A consolidated commitment in the education sector that sees La Difesa offer different courses in Italy, not least the Italian language one, organized since 2008 by DIFEITALIA in Lebanon, in favor of the LAF officers.

Source: UNIFIL - MPIO maj. Antonio Bernardo