Iraq: Operational Security Seminar

(To Greater Defense)

​Italian military specialists from the ministerial consultancy division of the NATO Mission in Iraq (NMI) organized and directed a seminar on security issues in operations.

The event, which saw the active participation of men and women from the six local armed forces - including a civilian component - took place within the framework of the professional culture initiatives developed by the NATO Mission together with the Iraqi military institutions, contributing positively to relations and to collaboration between countries of the Atlantic Alliance and Iraq.

In the context of flight safety, an Italian officer illustrated the notion of currency, a concept which aims to ensure that military pilots and personnel carrying out particularly complicated tasks can maintain appropriate levels of training, through the periodic carrying out of all activities that require constant practice. Other topics were also addressed, including the management of certain in-flight emergencies related to foreign bodies.

Numerous interventions by Iraqi officials: the Air Force explained the internal structure for security management, while the Air Defense explained what is done in the event of an aircraft losing radar contact. A colonel from the local Army Aviation presented some aspects relating to the human factor in aviation, which statistically is the predominant cause of air accidents, with particular reference to the maintenance sector.

Finally, a general of the Iraqi Special Forces focused his speech on the importance of security in joint operations, recalling how planning and the use of shared procedures is essential to guarantee the safety and protection of the population. During the seminar there were also several moments of discussion and exchanges of opinions between the participants.

Events such as the security seminar are part of the commitment of personnel in the NATO Mission in Iraq, who, as advisor, supports the development of institutions at ministerial, government and local armed forces levels. Italy offers a significant contribution, providing the mission's chief of staff and expert professional figures in various areas.