Iraq: the Italian contingent commemorates the fallen of Nasiriyah

(To Greater Defense)

At “Camp Singara”, headquarters of theItalian National Contingent Command Land (IT NCC Land), Colonel Stefano Salvadori remembered with the solemn flag-raising ceremony and the prayer of the fallen, read by the military chaplain of the contingent, the tragic attack in which twenty years ago, on 12 November 2003, twelve people lost their lives carabinieri, five Army soldiers, two Italian civilians and nine Iraqis.

During the ceremony a laurel wreath was placed on the tombstone in memory of the fallen.

It was also remembered that on the same day as the tragic anniversary, the “Day of remembrance of the military and civilian fallen in international peacekeeping missions”.

The Italian contingent of the "Prima Parthica" operation is currently present in Iraq with the task of providing support to the local institutions through a diversified training action carried out with different types of courses aimed at satisfying the training needs represented by the authorities of the local security forces.