Iraq: exercise to contain the outbreak of Covid-19

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian soldiers of the Camp Singara base in Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, in recent days have practiced in the simulation of the containment of an outbreak of COVID-19, putting into practice and testing all the procedures deriving from the experiences of managing the pandemic of the last August 2020.

The activity was attended by all the Italian military personnel in force at the base, headquarters of the command of the “Prima Parthica” operation, in order to recreate a situation as realistic as possible.

The exercise had as main interpreters the personnel of Role 1, directed by the contingent's MEDAD, who had the task of isolating the positive personnel, identifying the close contacts of the positives to subject them to the measure of quarantine, producing all the health documentation for the treatment of the sick, for the recognition of the foreseen indemnities, for the communications to the higher-level commands and above all for the activation of the STRATEVAC procedures.

The disinfectors unit also had an active part, led by the contingent veterinarian in the disinfection of all the rooms used by positive and quarantined personnel and in the disinfection of baggage preparatory to boarding for the Stratevac.

In particular, an outbreak principle was simulated, i.e. the manifestation in some soldiers of symptoms attributable to a SARS-CoV-2 infection, which prompted health personnel to immediately activate the protocols in force.