Iraq: change at the top of the Airmobile Task Group "Griffon"

(To Greater Defense)

​In the military airport of Erbil, in the presence of the commander of theItalian national command land, Colonel Stefano Salvadori, the rotation ceremony was held between Lieutenant Colonel Salvatore Allotta and the Parisian Mario Giorgi in command of the Airmobile Task Group "Griffon", an Army Aviation unit employed in the "Prima Parthica" operation in support to the multinational coalition “Inherent Resolve”.

At the same time the rotation of personnel coming, basically, from the AVES regiments of the respective commanders.

The ceremony was attended by the consul general of Italy in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, doctor Michele Camerota and a representation of the multinational coalition.

Colonel Salvadori, in his speech, expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved by the men and women of the "Blue Basques" of the Army and wished Lieutenant Colonel Giorgi, an expert officer already commander of the Task Group in 2021, to continue in the footsteps traced by its predecessor.

The "Griffon" ATG, equipped with new generation twin-turbine multi-role helicopters model NH-90, is the Italian flight department made available to the multinational coalition made up of 84 countries, established in 2014 to counter the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

The current task of the Task Group, with functional dependence on the Combat Aviation Brigade of the coalition, is to ensure the air transport of personnel and material in the area of ​​operations.

The activities carried out in the operational theater are conducted under the coordination and according to the directives given by the joint operational command.