The deployment activities of the Italian contingent in Bulgaria have begun

(To Greater Defense)

With the embarkation, from the port of Bari, of the first tactical and logistic vehicles, as well as of the logistic materials, the deployment of the Italian contingent has begun, which will shortly be used in Bulgaria as part of the eVA battle group (Enhanced Vigilance Activity) led by the 82nd “Torino” Infantry Regiment of the Italian Army.

With the support of the transit management unit of the RSOM (Reception Staging and Onward Movement) regiment of Bari, 55 containers, 49 tactical-logistic vehicles and materials were loaded at the disposal of the Italian contingent for the fulfillment of the mission authorized by the Italian political authorities under aegis. Born.

The deployment of units of the Italian Army, for the first time in Bulgarian territory, was possible thanks to a complex activity of drafting technical-logistic-administrative agreements between the Allies and Bulgaria, the host nation.

Italy, after a purely logistical first phase essential for the launch of the mission with the use of about 750 men and women of the Army, will take on the role of Framework Nation or the leadership of the mission which will see the involvement of other contingents of the Alliance.

By joining the eVA initiative, Italy is confirmed as one of the main contributors to strengthening NATO's posture of deterrence and defense on the East flank.

The operational activities related to the mission in Bulgaria will be conducted under the coordination and according to the directives given by the Interoperable Summit Operations Command (COVI).