The US Secretary of the Navy aboard Ship Fasan

(To Marina Militare)

Last May 25 Ship Virginio Fasan, moored in port in Manhattan on the occasion of the celebrations of Fleet Week in New York, received on board a visit from the Secretary of the US Navy (SECNAV), the Honorable Carlos Del Toro.

The SECNAV was welcomed on board by the admiral of division Giacinto Sciandra, representing the Chief of Staff of the Navy, the attaché for the Navy in Washington, vessel captain Marco Bagni and the unit commander, frigate captain Fabio Casamassima.

"You are a testament to the professionalism of Italian sailors and I am sure that once you leave New York to participate in the next training activities with the US Carrier Strike Group, you will make a brilliant impression. I have been to Italy many times when I was a sailor and now, in as Secretary of the Navy, I understand how deep the bond between our countries is" - said SECNAV in the meeting with the crew gathered in general assembly on the Flight Deck.

"The presence of Nave Fasan is a testimony to the great friendship and cohesion between our navies, which today is stronger than ever. We work with commitment and perseverance to guarantee our priorities: safety and freedom of navigation and respect for the law international." These are the words of Admiral Sciandra in thanking the Honorable Del Toro for his visit.