The commander of KFOR meets the Austrian minister Kurz


The commander of the Kosovo Force (KFOR), division general Salvatore Farina, received the Austrian minister of European and international affairs, HE Sebastian Kurz, in Pristina (Kosovo) yesterday in the multinational headquarters of the "Film City".

During the meeting, General Farina and Minister Kurz discussed the current political and security situation in Kosovo and in the Balkans area.

In particular, the topic of the recent mayoral elections in North Mitrovica, concluded without incident, and the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Serbia for the constitution of the parliament was discussed.

General Farina in underlining the excellent work done by KFOR in collaboration with international and local security organizations expressed words of appreciation for the professionalism of the Austrian contingent of KFOR and then thanked the Austrian Minister for Austria's contribution to the KFOR mission.

Minister Kurz confirmed the full support of Austria, which currently contributes with more than 350 military, to the stabilization process of Kosovo and to the KFOR mission and announced the release of a further maneuvering company, mid-2014, when the total of the Austrian contribution will be around 500 units.

Source: Italian contingent in Kosovo