The head of SMD meets the US general Dempsey


The contrast to ISIL and the crises in the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African areas were the focus of talks between the Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli and his US counterpart, General Martin E. Dempsey, visiting Italy.

Great appreciation for the Italian role in the international coalition in more dimensions in Iraq by sending the Air Force and Predator aircraft and weapons and ammunition to the peshmerga and also with the presence of instructors on the ground. In addition to this, the highest US military authority emphasized the Italian leadership and commitment to stabilization in the Balkan area and in Lebanon where our country holds the leadership of both international missions.

After receiving honors from an interforce department, at the "Macao" barracks in Rome, General Dempsey had a long meeting with the head of SMD and then a briefing in which the respective staff also took part. An opportunity to examine the main activities in the field of military cooperation between the two countries and areas of possible further collaboration.

The issues discussed included the situation in Afghanistan and the continuation of the Atlantic Alliance's commitment with the "Resolute Support" mission; in addition to this, the fight against international terrorism was also addressed within NATO with the remodeling of the tasks of the "Active Endeavor" mission for greater integration with the EU mission already underway in the Mediterranean to thus promote better maritime security (Maritime security) and hinder the influx of terrorists and foreign fighters.

A meeting held in an atmosphere of great cordiality and friendship that follows Admiral Binelli Mantelli's visit to the United States last June confirming the great harmony between the two countries and the common commitment to face emerging crises in the search for shared solutions.

At the end of the visit General Dempsey met the Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti.

Source: SMD, Public Information Office