The Italian soldiers of the KFOR mission obtain full operational capability


An intense training phase that saw our personnel of the international maneuvering battalion, based on the 185th artillery regiment, ended in recent days at the Hungarian base of Novo Selo and that of Villaggio Italia, headquarters of our Italian contingent. paratroopers thunderbolt, work closely with colleagues of various nationalities.

The maneuvering battalion is made up of Italian, Moldovan, Slovenian, Austrian, Croatian and North Macedonian units and is the unit framed in the Regional Command West with Italian leadership, currently under the command of Colonel Andrea Bertazzo.

The Italian paratrooper gunners, nicknamed Yellow Devils, they practiced crowd control techniques by addressing various critical situations, such as street assaults and riots and the management of violent riots.

All techniques that Army soldiers have learned to contain and prevent damage that could threaten the safety of Kosovar citizens and their freedom of movement, in accordance with the provisions of UN resolution 1244 of 1999, which authorizes the mandate of the BORN in Kosovo.

The exercise was the end of an important theater training phase, which saw all the staff work in a cycle of theoretical-practical activities and exercises, aimed at achieving the Full Operational Capability (FOC), that is the full operational capacity that will allow to face the different scenarios characterizing the particular employment context in Kosovo.