Djibouti: IHEDN delegation visiting the BMIS

(To Greater Defense)

Accepting the request received from the commander of the French Forces in Djibouti (FFDj) Major General Stephane Dupont, the Italian Military Support Base in Djibouti hosted a delegation of civilian and military leaders from the French Institute for higher National Defense Studies (IHEDN).

The visit is part of a series of meetings that the delegation carried out with the military contingents located in Djibouti.

Upon arrival at the base, the delegation was greeted by the commander of the mission Colonel Luigi Bigi who in the subsequent briefing explained to the guests the mission and the relevant activities carried out by the BMIS.

At the end of the visit, which took place in compliance with the protection and prevention procedures in contrast to COVID-19, the head of delegation Madame Valérie Ochs wanted to express, on behalf of IHEDN, her thanks for the welcome received.

The IHEDN is an organization under the French Prime Minister, made up of senior civil and military leaders, committed to promoting the culture of Defense and international relations and is the equivalentHigh Defense Studies Institute Italian.