Djibouti: change in command of the BMIS

(To Greater Defense)

Yesterday at the Italian Military Support Base (BMIS) in Djibouti, the ceremony of rotation in command took place between Colonel (EI) Michele Inquire, outgoing commander and Colonel (AM) Luigi Bigi, incoming commander.

The event was attended by the honorary consul of Italy in Djibouti, dr. Gianni Rizzo, the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Mohamed Abdoulkader Moussa.

The col. Ask retraced the most significant moments of his past in command of the BMIS mission, mentioning the numerous and important projects aimed at the Gibutian institutional realities and with foreign military contingents in a context strongly limited by the current emergency situation.

The event took place in compliance with the protection and prevention procedures in contrast to the COVID-19 in force.